I'm current making amazing web and mobile app at ZodiacFox.

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I'm passionate about backend and databases

I've programmed with languages and frameworks such as SQL, MariaDB, HTML5, Python, Java and JavaScript, and I'm currently using these and other technologies to create web and mobile experience in my professional career.

This is me

I've been living in Helsinki for 10 years and I'm a Finnish citizen. Chinese is my mother language, and in my everyday interactions I use English. I can also speak, write and understand Finnish.

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My code in GitHub

I write code during my freetime and during my studies into GitHub because I believe GitHub is the best way to share code between developers in modern programming environments. You can see some of my code by clicking the button below:

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My background

I have bachelor degrees in financing and law and have worked in the finance sector previously but have now re-educated myself into an information technology professional.

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